Real Systemic Change

I sometimes wonder why I spend my time trying to positively impact such a complex, massive issue like education and training. Besides being the most important issue to tackle for the future of our country, it is the deep strategic nature of the problem that intrigues me. After spending a few years in Silicon Valley as an investor, it allowed me time to really determine what I am and am NOT interested in.

I am driven by a challenge. Breaking down deep strategic problems and attacking them in a formulaic way. But, unlike strategic consultants making $200,000 a year flying around the world offering companies ideas and then going to the next engagement, I am about executing on those ideas that solving these deep strategic problems. Developing the business models, team, and infrastructure to execute on an idea or vision is where the rubber meets the road.

I recently had a meeting with a very bright fellow who was in the community building, education, and talent retention space where the first words out of his mouth were, “I am practitioner, not a theorist.” He was focused on executing and doing, not just providing frameworks and ideas. Do not worry, I will be stealing this religously for future meetings.

This is why we are attacking education head on. It is a deep strategic problem that  has many layers and requires a well thought out approach to dramatically improve outcomes. People love to talk about how to fix the problems or building technology to become the next Facebook for Education.

Sorry all – it is going to be a bit tougher than that.

About Jordan Wolfe

I am the founder of uwemp. Prior to founding uwemp, I worked at Mainsail Partners, a private equity firm in San Francisco. With a passion for making other peoples' passions a reality, I realized it all starts with education. When I first started uwemp, we were helping students developing their writing skills and I was shocked at how poor they were. This led me down to the path of realizing how broken the education and corporate training markets are and put me on a lifelong mission to play a role in creating wide spread disruption. Free time is filled with cheesy romance movies, making it rain on the basketball court, and attempting to play left-handed shortstop on the softball field.

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