Grants for For-Profit Entities

The more I study the education landscape and become familiar with the various grants available from the government, foundations, and other entities, it is amazing how crippling it is to be a for-profit company. It dramatically reduces the funding opportunities available to an organizaton. No matter the nature of the work, it seems these organizations put a big red “X” next to for-profit entities. I know there are funding arms available up here and there like New School Ventures, that will fund both types of organizations, but that is not enough. When for-profit businesses have socially responsible behavior and a mission statement with deep impact, the sky is the limit on what they can accomplish as these companies often have multiple revenue streams and a sense of true entrepreneurship.

What if the funders stopped looking at corporate structure and instead focused on amount and level of impact? What if we totally shifted our mindset around this issue? We would see a large percentage of these philanthropic dollars go much further than they currently do.

If anyone knows of other creative organizations that fund companies with a purpose (both nonprofit and for profit) please share them on this blog.

About Jordan Wolfe

I am the founder of uwemp. Prior to founding uwemp, I worked at Mainsail Partners, a private equity firm in San Francisco. With a passion for making other peoples' passions a reality, I realized it all starts with education. When I first started uwemp, we were helping students developing their writing skills and I was shocked at how poor they were. This led me down to the path of realizing how broken the education and corporate training markets are and put me on a lifelong mission to play a role in creating wide spread disruption. Free time is filled with cheesy romance movies, making it rain on the basketball court, and attempting to play left-handed shortstop on the softball field.

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