What’s with the name?

uwemp stands for you. we. me. empowered.


Just like most things in life, the team did not choose uwemp, uwemp chose us. While working with students at the collegiate level to develop their writing skills, the team was shocked at how behind the curve students’ writing abilities were, even at the highest regarded universities across the country. This experience led us down the journey of uncovering how fundamentally broken the education system is, both on the K-12 and higher education levels. With the inefficient use of technology, the lack of accountability and almost non-existent tracking of student performance, we are at the beginning of a complete transformation on how we deliver education and training. uwemp is focused on working with companies, content providers, educators, and schools who are dedicated to improving the education system. In other words, uwemp is Redefining the way we learn!

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