About Jordan Wolfe

I am the founder of uwemp. Prior to founding uwemp, I worked at Mainsail Partners, a private equity firm in San Francisco. With a passion for making other peoples' passions a reality, I realized it all starts with education. When I first started uwemp, we were helping students developing their writing skills and I was shocked at how poor they were. This led me down to the path of realizing how broken the education and corporate training markets are and put me on a lifelong mission to play a role in creating wide spread disruption. Free time is filled with cheesy romance movies, making it rain on the basketball court, and attempting to play left-handed shortstop on the softball field.

Grants for For-Profit Entities

The more I study the education landscape and become familiar with the various grants available from the government, foundations, and other entities, it is amazing how crippling it is to be a for-profit company. It dramatically reduces the funding opportunities available to an organizaton. No matter the nature of the work, it seems these organizations [...]

The Big 3

What does a game changing educational technology company look like? Well, education can be so broadly defined, but the reality is – unless one is lucky – it takes what I refer to as the Big 3. No, not Ford, GM, and Chrysler. I am talking about a subject matter expert, entrepreneur/business guy, and a [...]

Teach the World Summit has Sparked the Movement

I was fortunate enough to be part of the first annual Teach the World to Read summit last week in Detroit, MI where 40+ entrepreneurs in the education industry from around the country gathered for an interactive discussion around tackling the major literacy issue we are facing in this country. At the heart of the [...]

Publishers – Time to Change the Game!

I recently has a wonderful introductory conversation with an individual in the publishing industry that was extremely forward thinking and in the process of re-engineering the company’s approach to delivering pedagogically-sound content. What stood out from the conversation was, “We do not want to be in the software business, we do not want to touch [...]

Creating Chaos

I recently met with a colleague who works for a national foundation for a general catch up. We spoke on a variety of items ranging from education to diversity to the over investment in infrastructure in Detroit. One of the main conclusions from our conversation was the need for chaos. Chaos in a positive sense, [...]

Creating Real Wealth Playing in the Education Space

With a background as a professional investor, it took me a while to understand and alter my approach to business as an entrepreneur. It all stems from what I refer to as, “wealth creation.” As an investor sitting on millions of dollars to invest your job is to drive financial returns. Take on the least [...]

Times are a Changin’

Just got off of the phone with a woman running a virtual school without walls in the Midwest. There was one statement that stood out in mind during our conversation. “There are very few people in the region that get IT when it comes to education.” I would say we were speaking for no more [...]

Real Systemic Change

I sometimes wonder why I spend my time trying to positively impact such a complex, massive issue like education and training. Besides being the most important issue to tackle for the future of our country, it is the deep strategic nature of the problem that intrigues me. After spending a few years in Silicon Valley [...]

Building a Team in Education

The first thing you learn as an investor is the most important aspect of a company is the team. As an entrepreneur, you learn that without a complimentary team you will not get very far. Now let’s think about the education space. I firmly believe there is NO way for a company in education to [...]

Grassroots Will Win

I just finished up an energizing brainstorming session with the founder of an innovative literacy program that has trained hundreds of educators and thousands of students with the method that has shown some pretty astounding results. I expect big things from the program. Her passion to teach the world to read will come to fruition [...]