The uwemp Learning Engine

Ok folks, uwemp spent years speaking with educators and corporate trainers before building our Adaptive Learning and Assessment engine. We built the system with three main objectives in mind:

  1. Use technology to help students learn and keep them engaged.
  2. Make teaching time more efficient and effective for educators and trainers.
  3. Provide continuous assessment and feedback for administrators, educators, and executives to make better informed decisions.

Ok, so now for the details and formal pitch:

The uwemp e‐Learning Platform allows educators and trainers to offer students the finest learning experience whether in a traditional classroom, a distance learning situation, or any of the ever‐increasing variety of blended or hybrid environments. The web-based learning engine can adapt to individual learning styles and provides detailed feedback for instructors. Further, companies, educators, and schools can author courses on the system as an additional revenue channel. Features of the system include:

1. Web-based, Flexible Environment

  • No software is required to load on computers; the learning engine can be accessed from any computer with Internet access.
  • Multimedia capabilities that include audio, text and video content.
  • Several question types that include multiple choice, true/false, and fill in the blank.
  • Study, review, quiz, and exam modes.

2. Personalized Learning

  • Pre and post assessment allows for benchmarking and placement within a course.
  • Course content can be tagged several ways to assess student performance as well as identifying strengths and weaknesses. The more data, the merrier!

3. Real-time Reporting and Assessment Dashboard

  • Detailed reporting on student progress and performance by topic, learning objective, competency, and learning style allows for valuable insights and analytics for educators and trainers.
  • Reports are available in both graphical and downloadable .csv formats.
  • Custom reporting available based on individual client needs.

4. Self-paced Learning

  • Modular-based format allows students to focus on one targeted body of knowledge at a time.
  • Students can only advance through a course once they demonstrate 100% mastery, which are based on uwemp’s proprietary mastery algorithms.

5. Tailored Teaching Methods

  • Consistent assessment and reporting allows educators and trainers to understand what concepts students are struggling with as well as concepts they are performing well in.
  • Educators and trainers can focus on specific topics during in-class instruction making teaching time more efficient and productive.