Work with Us

uwemp works with a variety of organizations to produce data-driven, engaging, educational experiences to prepare learners for today’s rapidly changing world. Click below to see how uwemp works with different groups.

Content Providers

  • Deliver existing content and courses online – uwemp works with content providers and publishers who are looking for a way to deliver and distribute multimedia content in pure online or hybrid learning environments. The uwemp learning engine features real-time assessment and tracking capabilities for educators and trainers to follow student progress and performance.
  • Course development – uwemp is run by entrepreneurs, we like working with entrepreneurially minded groups. If you have engaging content and are dedicated to improving education, we have the technology to create and deliver courses. Hey, we will even share in the revenue.

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  • In-class pilot programs – uwemp seeks educators who are looking for innovative technologies and new approaches to classroom learning. Whether it is running a program on the iPad or other tablet devices or trying other programs in the classroom to improve student performance, uwemp is open to working with you.
  • Curriculum and course development – uwemp works with educators to develop curriculum and courses on its data-driven, web-based learning and assessment engine. Educators who produce curriculum and course content share in the revenue of all course sales. uwemp believes in incentives and it is time to start awarding educators who work hard and are dedicated to improving education by producing curriculum.

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  • Licensing – uwemp licenses its Adaptive Learning and Assessment engine to K-12 and higher education institutions who are focused on taking a data-driven approach to education. uwemp offers educators and administrators the ability to deliver coursework and content online while receiving real-time feedback and assessment of student
  • Technology consulting – uwemp consults with educational institutions who are looking to deliver content and curriculum both in and out of the classroom by utilizing technology in innovative ways.

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  • Licensing – uwemp licenses its Adaptive Learning and Assessment engine to companies who are focused on taking a data-driven approach to training. uwemp offers training departments the ability to deliver training materials and gather real-time feedback on employee knowledge levels. uwemp’s assessment dashboard system makes the lives of corporate executives and trainers easier by benchmarking employee knowledge levels.
  • Custom training programs – uwemp works with corporate trainers to create customized training programs for their organizations’ needs. From curriculum development to content production to delivery of training materials, the uwemp teams works with clients from A to Z on their training programs.

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